Military Power is always an important aspect in The Future of Europe. The following is the simple code Tuna7 uses to determine Military Power.


How many people are in the military?

0: disarmed state/ protected by other nation/ protected puppet

1:Neutral (but has capability to have military if nessicary)

2: Can defend for sufficient time for ally to come and help (if no ally, then likely a loss)

3:Can defend against weak to weak-moderate attack with no losses

4: Can defend succesfully against moderate attack 40% of time and has a weak attack capability

5: Can defend against moderate attack 65% and has a weak-moderate attack capability

6: Can defend against moderate attack 85% and strong-moderate 50% and has a moderate attack capability

7: Can defend against moderate attacks 95% and strong-moderate 70% and has strong-moderate attack

8: Can defend against strong-moderate 80% of time and 30% strong and has strong attack capability

9: Can defend against s-m 93% and 50% against strong, strong attack

10: can defend against s-m 97% and 70% against strong, strong attack

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